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        Ⅰ. Give English equivalents to the following abbreviations: (10%)

        1. B/S

        2. D/P

        3. COD

        4. MTA

        5. VAT

       Ⅱ. Put the following phrases into English: (15%)

        1. 平安险

        2. 电汇

        3. 凭单付款

        4. 售货确认书

        5. 续购订单

        6. 空白背书

        7. 正本

        8. 无追索权信用证

        9. 来件装配

        10. 商务处

       Ⅲ. Fill in the blanks with suitable prepositions or adverbs: (15%)

        1. We regret, therefore, that we must persist in our claim and request you to review most carefully the records appertaining ______ this parcel.

        2. All our cargoes are, prior ______ shipment, subjected to very strict inspection by the Beijing Commodity Inspection Bureau.

        3. We shall be forwarding for your inspection ______ due course sealed samples of the infested Light Halves.

        4. ______ pursuance of the cables exchanged between us, we confirm having booked your order for 100 kilos of Isoniazid B. P. C..

        5. We hereby confirm having sold to you the following goods on terms and conditions ______ set forth below.

        6. The arbitral award is final and binding ______ both parties.

        7. ______ case damage is found in the components and auxiliary materials supplied by Party A, Party B shall inform Party A immediately.

        8. We forwarded you the samples ______ the clear understanding that they were for reference only.

        9. We found ______ our dismay that the white sweaters were not only of dingy white but that the knit contained foreign matter.

        10. We were assured that every effort would be made to improve the quality of the merchandise ______ that point on.

        11. This is our established practice that goods should be inspected ______ arrival at our port.

        12. Our factory is fully engaged and cannot take ______ fresh orders.

        13. The agent sued the Sellers ______ a breach of promise in relation to the commission.

        14. The agreement provides ______ a clause by which the tenant shall bear the cost of all repairs to the building.

        15. The agreement is entered into _____ friendly negotiations between the two parties.

       Ⅳ. Match the words and expressions with the explanations:(10%)

        Words and expressions:

        1. standing ( )

        2. freight ( )

        3. rebate ( )

        4. indemnification ( )

        5. draft ( )

        6. maturity ( )

        7. waive ( )

        8. stock ( )

        9. turnover ( )

        10. offer ( )


        A. amount paid as compensation

        B. a written order to pay a specified sum

        C. to refrain from applying or enforcing (a rule, restriction, or fee)

        D. to propose as payment

        E. goods or the cost of transporting goods

        F. the amount of business done during a given period of time in terms of the money used in buying or selling

        G. position, status or reputation

        H. store of goods available for sale

        I. a reduction in cost in the form of something paid back

        J. due date of payment of a usance bill or promissory note

       Ⅴ. Translate the following sentences: (30%)

        1. 由于所需商品的品种目前无货供应, 我们想推荐下列库存商品,可以即装。

        2. 被诉人对我公司的多次去电采取避而不答的态度。

        3. 当事人都不得向法院或者其他机关提出变更的要求。

        4. 发生空舱,卖方应负担由此引起的一切损失。

        5. 一俟收到你方信用证,我方将安排第一艘可以定到舱位的轮船装运。

        6. You should be responsible for the loss resulting from the delay in opening the relative L/C.

        7. Your packing must be seaworthy and can stand rough handling..

        8. If you desire to cover your goods against All Risks, we can provide such coverage.

        9. The present import regulations do not permit any extension of import licence.

        10. In the construction of an export package, the important factors of efficiency and economy must be taken into consideration.

       Ⅵ. Letter-writing (20%)










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