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        第一部分: 概括段落大意和补全句子 (10 points)

Five Reasons to Celebrate Mistakes

        Mistakes have a way of focusing our attention and putting crucial problems right in our face. Mistakes light a path for us. When we own up to our mistakes, we often know exactly what is not working and what we can do to fix it.

        There is one sure way to avoid mistakes and that is to avoid life. The writer who never finishes a book will never have to worry about getting negative reviews. The comedian who never performs in front of an audience is sure to avoid telling jokes that fall flat. When we are comfortable with making mistakes, we are more likely to take risks and tackle projects. Celebrating mistakes involves wisdom. Effective people do not set goals with the idea of making mistakes. Instead, they aim to reach those goals while accepting the risk of error.

        Imagine working at a company that has no standards___where mistakes are not distinguished from success and no one is held accountable for errors. We could turn in the most careless and crudest piece of work we had ever done, and they would get treated the same as our best work. We would never be able to count on having the supplies we needed because no one would complain when vendors failed to deliver. Projects could go permanently unfinished and no one would say anything. In an atmosphere where there is no difference between failure and success, the word “mistake” would be without meaning. Mistakes can happen only when people are truly committed to making things work.

        The word “mistake” derives meaning only by comparison to what we desire. Noticing and admitting our mistakes reminds us of what we really want to have, do, and be. Mistakes offer us an opportunity to practice truth telling. With this act come the rewards of honesty and frankness, including self-knowledge and the capacity for change. As we tell the truth about our mistakes, we can benefit by releasing shame and blame. Fixing mistakes and preventing them from happening again are key goals.

        Mistakes are usually more instructive than success___ and often far more interesting. The lessons we learn from making mistakes often stick with us for a lifetime. We can translate those lessons into new values and behaviours that make a profound difference. With all these potential benefits from mistakes, we have plenty of reasons to celebrate them.

        Task 1

        1. Paragraph ① : ________________________

        2. Paragraph ② : ________________________

        3. Paragraph ③ : ________________________

        4. Paragraph ④ : ________________________

        5. Paragraph ⑤ : ________________________

       A. Mistakes encourage taking risks

        B. Mistakes practice telling truth

        C. Mistakes make powerful teachers

        D. Mistakes are as important as success

        E. Mistakes focus our attention

        F. Mistakes make things work

        Task 2

        6. We often know through mistakes what is going wrong and _________.

        7. If a writer never finishes his book, he will never have to __________.

        8. Effective people aim to reach their goals while_________________.

        9. People can make mistakes only when they are truly ______________.

        10. We can learn some lessons from making mistakes, which often ___________.

        A. stick with us for a lifetime

        B. what we can do to fix it

        C. committed to making things work

        D. accepting the risk of error

        E. worry about being criticized

        F. preventing them from happening

        第二部分 : 填句补文(10 points)

        Grandpa My Hero

        My grandpa had only one child and that was my mother. He always wanted a son but it never happened. ___________ When my mom got pregnant, he thought he finally had a boy in the family, but it turned out that her first child was my older sister. When I was born, Grandpa was very happy.

        He was the first person to give me a baseball glove and to play baseball with me. My first glove was as small as my whole hand is now. when Grandpa gave me that glove, I was very excited. _______________ It was my pride and joy.

        When I was five, I played on my first baseball team and Grandpa was the coach. He wanted me to play one position, but I wanted to play another. _______________ I tried so hard that I made good progress. Grandpa was very proud of me. Ever since then, he has worked with me to make me a better player.

        Grandpa has helped me become ont only a better player, but a better person. ______________ Today Grandpa does not play baseball with me so often, but he still comes to every practice and game. He sits and watches my practices through rain and shine. _______________ I love him and hope he will be around for many more years to support me and baseball.

        A. I was so happy I even slept with it at my side.

        B. he wanted a son because he wanted to teach him to play baseball.

        C. I owe him all my success in baseball and in my life.

        D. In order to make me happy, he let me play what I wanted.

        E. He was named our baseball team,s number one fan by my coach.

        F. My grandpa is still working at a store.

        第三部分:阅读选择(10 points)

        After a busy day of work and play, the body needs to rest. Sleep is necessary for good health.  During this time, the body recovers from the activities of the previous day. The rest that you get while sleeping enables your body to prepare itself for the next day.

        There are four levels of sleep, each being a little deeper than the one before. As you sleep, your muscles relax little by little. Your heart beats more slowly, and your brain slows down. After you reach the fourth level, your body shifts back and forth(来回地) from one level of sleep to the other.

        Although your mind slows down, from time to time you will dream. Scientists who study sleep state that when dreaming occurs, your eyeballs begin to move more quickly sleep state that when dreaming occurs, your eyeballs begin to move more quickly(although your eyelids are closed).

        This stage of sleep is called REM, which stands for rapid eye movement.

        If you have trouble falling asleep, some people recommend breathing very slowly and very deeply. Other people believe that drinking warm milk will help make you drowsy(昏昏欲睡的).  There is also

        an old suggestion that counting sheep will put you to sleep!

        1. A good title for this passage is ____________.

        A. Sleep               B. Good Health

        C. Dreams             D. Work and Rest

        2. The word "drowsy" in the last paragraph means ____________.

        A. sick                B. stand up

        C. a little sleepy         D. asleep

        3. The passage suggests that not getting enough sleep might make you ____________.

        A. dream more often              B. have poor health

        C. nervous                      D. breathe quickly

        4. During REM, ____________.

        A. your eyeballs move quickly        B. you dream

        C. you are restless                  D. both A and B

        5. The average number of hours of sleep that an adult needs is ____________.

        A. approximately six hours            B. around ten hours

        C. about eight hours                  D. not stated here

        第四部分: 填词补文 (1.5 points for each)

        The flood of women into the job market boosted economic growth and changed U.S. society __________ many ways. Many in-home jobs that used to be done primarily by women----ranging ___________ family shopping to preparing meals to doing voluntary work-----still need to be done by someone. Husbands and children now_____________ some of these jobs, a situation that has changed the target market for many products. Or a working woman may face a crushing “poverty of time “ and look for help elsewhere, creating opportunities for producers of frozen meals, child care centers, dry cleaners, financial services, and the___________.

        Although there is still a big wage___________ between men and women, the income working women generate gives them new independence and ___________ power. For example, women now purchase about half of all cars. Not long ago, many cars dealers insulted women shoppers by ____________ them or suggesting that they come back with their husbands. Now car companies have realized that women are _________ customers. It’s interesting that some leading Japanese car dealers were the first to really ___________ attention to women customers. In Japan, fewer women have jobs or buy cars ---- the Japanese society is still very much male—oriented. Perhaps it was the extreme contrast with Japanese society ____________ prompted American firms to pay more attention to women buyers.

        A. from       B. pay         C. which        D. that

        E. in          F. potential     G. do           H. like

        I. gap         J. buying       K. ignoring      L.pay

        第五部分: 完形补文 (1.5 for each blank.)

Crude Oil

        Although crude oil is still vastly (vast) available in the earth, it is not a / an _____________ (finite) resource. At some point it will finally be _________ (exhaust). The demand for crude oil has increased by gigantic proportions. However, ___________________ ( discover) of new oil fields and investing in the oil industry have helped keep up with the _________________ (increase) demand for oil. The crucial question is, how long will the oil resources last?

        _______________ (advance ) technology has made drilling oil more __________________ (effect) and efficient. With the aid of new methods it is possible to draw almost 65% of the oil as opposed to the old metnods. More _________(invest) have also made the drilling of oil well more effective. Currently most __________ (transport) is dependent on oil and many industries are born out of or lean on byproducts of petroleum. Although alternative sources of energy are now _________________ (apply) , like solar and wind energy, it is still a long way to be completely ______________ (dependent) of crude oil.


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